Port of Stockholm

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden)

The port of Stockholm offers routes to Helsinki, Langnas, Mariehamn and Turku in Finland and to Tallinn in Estonia.

From the Port of Nynashamn, which is situated south from Stockholm, you will find a service to Gdansk in Poland.

Stockholm to Helsinki

Both Viking Line and Silja Line offer daily sailings to Helsinki. The duration of the trip with Silja Line is approximately 16 hours, 25 minutes. The journey on board a ferry with Viking Line is about 16 hours. Helsinki is situated in the south of Finland and is the country's capital. The city has excellent connections by road and rail to other major Finnish cities and towns.

Stockholm to Langnas

Viking Line also operates a daily sailing between Stockholm and Langnas in Finland. Crossing time is approximately 4 hours, 25 minutes. The ferry port of Langnas is situated approximately 29 km / 18 miles south east of Mariehamn.

Stockholm to Mariehamn

Viking Line is the sole operator for the sailing to Mariehamn. Crossing time is approximately 11 hours. After the en-route stop in Mariehamn the voyage continues to Helsinki. Mariehamn is a very pleasant seaside town with much to see and do.

Stockholm to Turku

Two ferry companies operate sailings between Stockholm and Turku. Silja Line offers one daily crossing with travelling time of about 12 hours. Viking Line provides the other daily sailing with a crossing time of 10 hours, 30 minutes. Turku is Finland's oldest city and once was its capital. The city has excellent connections by road and rail to other major destinations across Finland.

Stockholm to Tallinn

Tallink operates a service from Stockholm to Tallinn in Estonia. Crossing time is six hours. The Port of Tallinn is the principal port of Estonia and is situated on the north coast of the country.

Stockholm to Gdansk

Just south of Stockholm lies the Port of Nynashamn. Polferries operates three sailings a week between Nynashamn and Gdansk in Poland. Crossing time is approximately 18 hours. Gdansk is Poland's principal seaport.

Stockholm Port

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